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Human Resource Management – Recruitment : Internal Source and External source, Selection : Selection, Placement, Induction – Differences between recruitment and selection – Stages in Selection Process

Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management Personnel management is highly important in a food service. One of the foremost functions of a food service manager is managing the workers who come from various backgrounds. Extraordinary skills and good human relations are needed for this. The aim of human resource management is to manage human resources effectively. Efficient contribution and work ethics as a professional of a working group leads to success of the food service operation.

The best human resource has to be selected wisely, placed in the suitable position following proper procedures and monitor the performance with adequate supervision.

The steps involved in human resource management include:

1. Recruitment

2. Selection

3. Training and Motivation


Recruitment is defined as “a process of searching for prospective employees and stimulating and encouraging them to apply for jobs in an organization”. In a food service organization, the process of recruitment for filling any position may be carried out through two sources. They are internal and external sources.

Internal Source – The internal source of recruitment is within the working employees and is suitable for all positions in food service operations. Transfers from one unit or another within the same organization or promotion of existing staff,

for E.g.: from assistant cook to chief cook is carried out. This method of recruitment is economical as it saves the advertising costs and the management knows about the employee. The employee in turn is well familiar with the organization.

External source – Advertisement as a source of external recruitment is a common method. Advertisements in newspapers, TV, local radio and business magazines, regarding specific vacancies and their eligibility are done, to reach a large group of potential applicants. Sometimes the food service organization maintains close liaison with colleges, in order to seek appropriate applicants.

Differences between recruitment and selection


After recruitment, the next step is selection of the qualified and competent candidates for the organization. Selection is defined as the process of choosing the best from among the prospective candidates applied for the particular job. Recruitment and selection are often used as synonymous and used interchangeably, as they are the two sides of same coin.

Stages in Selection Process

Selection – It is a critical process because it requires heavy investment of money to get the right person for the right job. Each step in the selection procedure will help in getting more and more information about the applicant so that it facilitates decision making.

Placement – Placement is the act of placing the right person for the right job. Proper selection and placement of personnel in food service establishments will help to build up a stable efficient work force and productivity. Thus it is possible to function smoothly and achieve the objectives of the organization effectively.

Induction – When appropriate human resources are placed for a suitable position after the process of selection, the next step is to induct the new employees and to provide them training. Induction is the process of introducing and orienting the newly placed employees to the institution’s objective and culture and to get familiarized with the food service operation.

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