Important Dimensions of the vehicle – Study material

1. Wheel base

Wheel base is the distance between
the centres of the front and rear

2. Wheel track

Wheel track is the distance between
both the front wheels or rear wheels
measured from the centres of tyres.

3. Front over hang

Front over hang is the distance
between the front bumper and centre of front axle.

4. Rear over hang

Rear over hang is the distance between the rear bumper and centre of rear axle.

5. Over all width

The distance between the two side
members is called over all width.

6. Over all height

It is the amount of space between
the ground surface to the upper side of the vehicle body is called over all height.

7. Over all length

The distance between the centre of front and rear bumper is called as over all length.

8. Ground Clearance

Ground clearance is the amount of
minimum space between the road
surface and the underside of the chassis.

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