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Line insulators – Line insulators, Properties of insulators, Line insulator materials

Line insulators

The overhead line conductors should be supported with the poles or towers by means of insulators. These insulators act as supports in order to avoid any leakage of current from the conductor to earth.

Properties of insulators

Here are some of the properties of line insulators

i. Mechanical strength should be very high.

ii. Its dielectric strength should be very high.

iii. Insulators must be free from internal defects such as impurities to leakage current.

iv. Electrical insulation value of resistance must be high.

v. Environmental conditions should not be affected.

vi. Do not have porous.

vii. Price should be cheaper

Line insulator materials

Porcelain, glass, magnesium silicate etc. are used to produce line insulators. The porcelain is used to produce the insulating material. It is made by suitable heat in combination with plastic, white clay and glass. It is also made with good stability and smooth surface and free from porosity.

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