Mandrill – Life Of Mandrill

The mandrill is the world’s largest monkey. It is instantly recognizable due to its strikingly colored face and hindquarters.

The mandrill is similar in appearance to a baboon (although much more colorful), and was once classified in the same genus. Today the mandrill is placed in a separate genus, Mandrillus. The only other species in this genus is the drill, a closely related monkey.

The mandrill is a heavily-built monkey with olive-brown body fur. It has a large head, dog-like snout, long limbs, a stumpy tail, and hairless patches on its face and buttocks.

The male mandrill is nearly twice as big as the female and much more brightly colored. The size difference between males and females is one of the biggest of all animals.

The nose and lips of the male are scarlet with blue or purple ridges on either side. The beard and neck are yellow-white. The buttock pads are red, pink, purple and lilac, which anywhere else would be a rather pleasing combination of colors!

The male mandrill has long canine teeth, which average 4.5 cm (1.8 in) in length. These can be exposed as a threat to rivals.

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