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Major Functions of Marketing Management

We need to understand the major functions of marketing management in order to understand and groom our organization. The following are some of the major functions of marketing management

The marketing process performs certain activities as the products and services move from the producer to consumer. All these activities or jobs are not performed by every company

* Financial

* pricing

* Risk taking

* Standardisation

* market information

* managing products

Financing :

Marketing activities smoothly without the availability of ade cheap finances.commercial banks, co-operative credit society and government.

Pricing :

Price policy of the concen directly affects the profit element and therefore its successful functioning. in determining the price policy several factors are to be borne in mind such as cost of the product competitions, price, marketing policies,goxt policy or customers or convenient price etc….,

Risk -taking :

In marketing there arises numelous risks damager to goods.physical loss changes in economics value of goods management credit losses etc…,

Standardisation :

Standardisation is related with the decision of commodities into distinct groups. Standard is used in providing certain besic questions to the goods for their buse.

Market information :

The desired success of marketing depends on correct and timely decision there decisions are based on market information or market intelligence.

Managing product :

The marketing function is responsible for forecasting and managing.the rate of supply and distribution of the company existing products.

Finished goods

Finished goods are goods that have been completed by the manufacturing process, or purchased in a completed form, but which have not yet been sold to customers.The cost of finished goods inventory is considered a short-term asset, since the expectation is that these items will be sold in less than one yea

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