Financial Management Important Topics- Equity shares, EAT, IRR, DIVIDEND, EQUITY TRADING

1.Define equity share?2.Define wealth maximization?3.what is meant by corporate mix?4.write a short note on issues of debentures at discount?5.what is the EAT? 6.Define property dividend?7 Weather government polices affect the capital? 8 – What is trading on equity? 9 – What is the need for capital budgeting? 10-Write a short note on IRR? 1- Define […]

BBA management topics Economics MBA Management Topics UG degree women's empowerment

Economic Empowerment- what is meaning by economic Empowerment- why is economic Empowerment important- what is social and economic Empowerment

Economic empowerment is the crying need of this hour. “Wage employment means economic power” (Elliott, 2008, p. 86). Through employment women earn money and it enables women and girls to become ‘bread earners’, contributing members of households with a strong sense of their own economic independence. “Economic empowerment is a powerful tool against poverty” (Biswas, […]

BBA management topics MBA Management Topics UG degree women's empowerment

Educational Empowerment- why is Empowerment important in education- How does education empower individuals and society- what does it mean to empower students in learning- How do you teach empowerment

“Traditional concepts recognize higher education as an instrument of personal development. It helps in growing an individual’s intellectual horizons, wellbeing and potential for empowerment” (The Kurukshetra, September 2012, p. 25). It is considered as the single most important instrument of sociopolitical and economic transformation. But the picture of women’s educational empowerment is not rosy in […]

BBA management topics MBA Management Topics UG degree women's empowerment

Social Empowerment- what are indicators of social empowerment- what is women’s social empowerment- what are the type of empowerment- what is social empowerment- what is social Empowerment UPSC

Social Empowerment Social Empowerment refers to the enabling force that strengthens women’s social relations and their position in social structures. Social empowerment addresses the social discriminations existing in the society based on disability, race, ethnicity, religion, or gender. Empowerment as a methodology is often associated with feminism. Broadly put, the term empowerment is defined as […]

BBA management topics MBA Management Topics UG degree women's empowerment

Origin of the Term Empowerment- where did the word empowerment come from- who coined they empowerment- what does the term empowerment means- what does the empower means in the Bible- introduction of Origin of the Term Empowerment

Origin of the Term Empowerment It is interesting to note that most of the dictionaries only shows a pre-twentieth century definition of the verb empower meaning ‘to empower’, and ‘to give power to’. The word was first used in the 17th century and has meanings like ‘authorize’, ‘delegate’, or ‘enable’. The term empowerment, as a […]

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Concept and Types of Women Empowerment- what is meant by women empowerment- introduction of women empowerment- importance of women empowerment in India

[Abstract] Global empowerment of women is a new concept. Since the second half of the twentieth century, the issue of women’s empowerment has gained importance among scholars of universities, and in national and international platforms. But the concept was not deeply ingrained into the governments’ policies and programs until the declaration of the ‘Women’s Decade’ […]

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Six Sigma Concept

What is Six Sigma? Six Sigma is a disciplined, statistical-based, data-driven approach and continuous improvement methodology for eliminating defects in a product, process or service A six sigma process is one in which 99.99966% of all opportunities to produce some feature of a part are statistically expected to be free of defects. Six Sigma strategies […]

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5 Why Analysis – Free Online Studymaterial

Five why or 5 why is an iterative interrogative technique used to explore the cause-and-effect relationships underlying a particular problem.Wherever we are facing issues, this technique will find the root causes of the problem by the way of Asking 5 times “Why?”. Each answer forms the basis of the next question. The “five” in the […]

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GLOSSARY BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION – Words starts with Di – Vocabularies

Di Diagnosis: Process of identifying a disease from its signs and symptoms. Didactic: Describes works of literature or art which are intended be to informative or instructional especially morally rather than entertainment. From the ancient Greek word didaskein which means to teach. Differential cost: The difference in the expected total cost of a project if […]


Role of Marketing Manager:

Formulation of marketing plans and policies in consultation with the chief executive or managing director.Development of marketing mix and marketing program for all products of the company. Supervision and control over sales manager, advertising manager, product manager and marketing services manager who are responsible for implementing marketing program.Development of new markets, new products, new channels […]


Interfaces with other Functions in The OrganiZation

Importance of marketing is mainly attributed to the following category: A. Importance to the Firms: 1. Business planning and decision-making- Marketing is helpful not only to plan the production but also in business planning and taking various decisions regarding business. In today’s economy, production is planned according to the sales forecasts and not according to […]

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Marketing management systems:

Marketing planning. This encompasses the process of setting marketing strategies, defining goals and tactics related to those strategies, specifying revenue and expense budgets, and linking these to specific marketing projects. In large organizations, the planning process may be very clearly, even rigidly defined. It typically involves assembling information about markets, competitors, products, objectives, strategies and tactics […]

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Words starts with Letter Bu Bubble economy : An unstable boom when the economy experience an unusually rapid growth with rising share prices and increased employment. Budget : Allocation of funds or the estimation of costs a department, project,etc., over a specific period. The management of spending and saving money. Budget : A quantitative expression […]

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What is Marketing and Marketing Goal, Marketing Philosophy

Definition: Marketing is the management process responsible for indentifying,anticipating,and satisfying customer requirement profitable. Gole: * Attract new customers by promising superior value. * keep+grow current customers by delivering satifaction. Marketing a sale telling +selling Satisfying customer needs The importance of marketing : Marketing is valuable to a variety of organisation * corporate for- profit * […]