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Methods of Cooking- what is a Cooking methods and techniques- what is microwave Cooking- explain of microwave Cooking- what is solar Cooking

I. Microwave Cooking:

Microwaves are electromagnetic waves of radiant energy with wave lengths in the range of 250 x 106 to 7.5 x 109 Angstroms. It is a comparatively new method of cooking and gradually becoming popular. In this method food is cooked by microwave radiation. Water molecules in the food vibrate rapidly due to microwaves. The heat generated in the process cooks the food.


ØIt is a quick method of cooking.

ØCooking time is reduced significantly as compared to other methods of cooking.


ØIt uses electrical energy and therefore may not be useful in places where continuous electricity supply is not available.

ØIt may dry up the food products.

II. Solar Cooking:

A solar cooker is a device that changes the light energy of the sun to heat energy to cook food.

There are three main types of solar cooker:

Panel-typeA hybrid of reflector and box-type solar cookers, using both a curved reflector and a cooking container into which the food is placed. This combines the reflective properties of a curved surface with the heat retaining properties of a container.

2. Parabolic typeA solar cooker that uses reflective surfaces to collect, concentrate and direct the sun’s rays onto the food being cooked.

3. Box-type (or oven-type)A solar cooker that uses plane reflectors (such as mirrors) to reflect radiation through a glass or plastic window into an insulated cooking container. The container normally has reflective sides and a black metal base.

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