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Non woven explained: difference between woven and Non woven


Non-wovens are defined as fabric structures produced directly from fibers by bonding or entangling the fibers or filaments by mechanical, thermal or chemical means. Use of adhesive heat, fusion or entanglement of the fiber may be carried out.

The input material for non-wovens are 1. Any fibers 2. Some kinds of Bonding Agent. 3. Any Auxiliary agent (added for special effects, e.g., surface texture, etc.) Non-wovens may be categorized into 1. Durables2. Non-durables or Disposables 3. Semi-Durables.

Durables are those which are manufactured for intention of longer use, e.g., furnishing, carpets (Numdhas), carpet backing. Mostly nylon, polyester and rayon, etc., are used.

Disposables are those that are intended to use only for a limited application. Throw away after use. It should not be very expensive. Cost of manufacture and material in this case should not be too high, e.g., Diapers, Tissue paper, surgeons gloves, gowns, filters, etc. Rayon is the fiber which is most commonly used. Semi Durables are used to make products as table mats. Can be used more than one time.

Difference between woven and Non woven :

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