Non-Woven Fabric- what are examples of non woven fabric- what are non woven fabric- Is cotton a non woven fabric

A non-woven fabric is made by using heat and resin on short fibres, thereby creating a structure for the short fibres. They are materials that do not have a fibre network by randomly laid technique. One cannot see the warp and weft threads laced or looped like a weaving or knitting. In order to check if the sample is a non-woven material, the sample can be given pressure and it can be observed that it can tear like a paper. For example, we can think of the tissue paper given in hotel or the sanitary napkins centre part. On scratching the surface of the fabric, the short fibres, will tend to come away with the fingers. This behavior can be observed on a felted craft paper and bindi that is kept by women. By conducting such small tests, we can identify the non-woven fabric.

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