Food Services Management

Organization and Tools of Management


● Food Service or Catering sector
takes care of feeding people at work
and during leisure. Catering in schools,colleges, universities,hospitals and health care are non-profit making outlets. Food service management remains the main focus and is evolving to become a multiple-service sector in the present day.

●Food service operations, their
scope and classification have been
explained in the previous text book and organization and tools of management are a vital component in food service.

●Food and beverage service is
not just a system of delivering food and drinks to customers. Here the customer is central to the process and an active participant within it. A food service business cannot be operated by a single individual and it is performed by two or more persons. Identification of activities for each staff and the designation of job are very crucial for the food service
operation to function effectively and

Organization Chart:

Organization is defined as an
activity process in which people work and deal with one another in a coordinated and co-operative manner for the accomplishment of common goals. A success of a food service
operation depends on the delegation of responsibilities and duties among the personnel and to achieve this, a good organization is important. An organization chart for a food service helps to plan and implement activities in an organized and coordinated
manner. An organization chart is the basic tool for any establishment and it shows how the various units or departments are linked together. It simply means placing people and jobs together and the entire team involved in the running of the establishment at both operational and management levels.


Organization Chart: A graphic
representation of the structure of an
organization showing the relationships of the positions or jobs within it.

Uses of Organization Chart:

☆ It gives a bird’s eye view of the ganizational structure.
☆It indicates line (direct), staff (lateral) and functional relationship and misunderstanding can be cleared.
☆Shows channels of communication and are useful in training new employees.
☆Indicates the various job positions
and levels of management.
☆Line of responsibilities and authority is definite and formal.

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