Food Services Management UG degree

Organization in Departments

It is important that an organization
is divided into departments and sub-
departments to assess the staff performance to expected standards. For example, in case of hotels there are front of the house areas (front office) where the employees have direct contact with the guests such as front office and back of the house (back office) areas in which employees have less direct contact with guests such as maintenance,
accounting and utility personnel.The term department means one of the major branches of administration.
There are various departments namely front office, food and beverage service, accounts,
stores and back office department.

1)Front office:

The front office occupies an
important place in the organizational structure of a food service. It is also
called the heart of the hotel. It must
be well designed, maintained and
organized. The front office has to perform various functions to secure all round success such as reservation, reception,registration, billing, accounting and communication with other departments. It is the department which maximises room revenue. Hence its organizational
structure must be formal and should
define the duties and responsibilities
more clearly. Front office manager, who performs various types of activities and functions, heads the front office.Thus, to manage the activities and affairs of the front office, a well-designed organizational structure is essential.


House-keeping has been recognised
as an indispensable operation and is the backbone of hotel operation. It is very much at par with other functional departments such as front office, food production, and food and beverage services. It has a major role to play towards the ultimate goal of hoteliering i.e. “excellence in service quality”. Organization in House Keeping Currently, house-keeping is not limited to cleaning and up keeping the hotel but includes marketing survey, maintaining customer relations,coordinating with other departments,purchasing and effective utilisation of available resources. Moreover, its focus is to add value and perfection in products and services.In order to plan, direct, co-ordinate and control complex activities, a good organizational structure is required.The following organizational structure depicts the structure of house-keeping line authority and of communication within the structure.


Laundry is an essential element
of food service cleanliness and business perceptions. Planning for laundry involves the selection of location, site, ventilation,equipment, labour and other cost in a
food service.

Objectives of laundry services:

☆To provide clean and sanitised linen,bed linen for a room
☆To supply uninterrupted supply of
linen to user department and
☆To improve the image of the hotel

3)Food and beverage service:

Food and beverage department
in a hotel, restaurant or any catering establishment consists of closely linked system comprising of the kitchen,restaurant and bar. The service of food and beverages is an essential link between the menu, those who produce food and drink and the customers.Organizational Chart gives the details on direction, co-ordination and controls the food and beverage services and activities. It ensures the right flow of food and beverage services and motivates the staff to achieve the targets. A for malfood and beverage service organization structure alone cannot achieve productivity, performance, perfection and overall success in the operation.

The organizational structure of food and beverage service clearly depicts the hierarchical level of each
section-restaurant, stewarding, floor/ room service, banquet and bar service.

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