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Osteoarthritis is a very common chronic disorder involving the joints. It is a degenerative change in the joints. The degenerative changes take place because the rubbing of the joint surfaces causes a wearing away and disintegration of the tissues.

Causes and Risk factors

Age: people above the age of 45 have the risk for developing osteoarthritis. It is, however, most commonly found in people over age of 65.

Gender: This disease of osteoarthritis is more common in women, particularly after the age of 55

Obesity: This can be one of the causes for osteoarthritis as every kilogram puts three extra kilogram of pressure on knees

Injury : Joint injuries are an increased risk of developing osteoarthritis

Weakness of muscles: Weak thigh muscles lead to osteoarthritis knee joint pain.

Signs & Symptoms

* Knee pain

* Swelling

* Joint stiffness

* Loss of movement


* X–ray of affected joints

* Serum CRP

* Serum ESR, RA factor


Medical management:

* Analgesics

* Exercise to strengthen muscles

Surgical management:

* Arthodesis (practised earlier)

* TKR (Total Knee Replacement) Arthiodesis, an operation to fuse the joint in one position can be done to prevent further pain (practiced earlier)


* Use knee cap supports

* Use hot water formentation to relieve pain

* Wear comfortable, fitting shoes to reduce stress on joints

* Walk regularly to keep yourself active, it helps to avoid stiffness

* Maintain a healthy weight to reduce strain and pain in your knee


* Don’t lift heavy weights, it puts stress on the knees

* Don’t sit cross- legged

* Avoid prolonged activities that put strain on the knee like gardening

* Avoid jerky movements

* Don’t smoke. Research shows that smoking leads to joint pain along with other damaging effects

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