Pest In ONION and GARLIC – Pest affecting Onion and Garlic – Pest Studymaterial


Onion Thrips,Thrips tabaci  (Thripidae: Thysanoptera)

  • It is a major cosmopolitan thrips injurious to onion and garlic. Nymphs and adults remain in dense at leaf bases and whorls of onion and feed by lacerating the tissues and imbibing the oozing cell sap. 
  • Infested onion develops a spotted appearance on the leaves; subsequently turning into pale white blotches. Then leaves dry from tip to downward. 

Onion fly, Delia antiqua (Muscidae: Diptera)

  • Small maggots burrow down into the underground portion of stem and often into the onion bulb. which results in rotting of the bulbs in storage. Due to burrowing action, the plant withers off. The damage predisposes for soft rot. 
  • Adult flies are slender, greyish in colour having large wings. Eggs are laid on soil near the base of onion plants. pupation takes place in soil. 

Cut worms, Spodoptera litura and S. exigua (Noctuidae: Lepidoptera)

Ear wig, Euborellia annulipes  (Labiduriclae: Dermaptera)

Gram caterpillar, Helicoverpa armigera (Noctuidae: Lepidoptera)


Scale-Parasaissetia nigra-Coccidae: Hemiptera

Masked scale-Mycetaspis personata-Diaspididae:  Hemiptera

Green scale-Lecanium spp.-Coccidae:  Hemiptera

Jumping plant lice-Pauropsylla depressa. –  Psyllidae:  Hemiptera

Thrips  –  Scirtothrips dorsalis. – Thripidae:  Thysanoptera

Guava scale-Chloropulvinaria psidii- Coccidae:  Hemiptera


Green scale-Lecanium spp.-Coccidae:  Hemiptera

Jumping plant lice-Pauropsylla depressa-Psyllidae:  Hemiptera


Lace wing bug-Cochlochila bullita-Tingidae:  Hemiptera

Cutworm-Spodoptera exigua-Noctuidae:  Lepidoptera

Semiloopers-Thysanoplusia orichalcea, Autographa nigrisigna, 

Plusia chryson, P.dubei – Noctuidae:  Lepidoptera

Hairy caterpillar – Spilosoma obliqua

Arctiidae:  Lepidoptera


Red borer – Zeuzera coffeae – Cossidae:  Lepidoptera

Jumping plant lice – Pauropsylla depressa-Psyllidae:  Hemiptera

Wax scale – Ceroplastes rubens – Coccidae:  Hemiptera

Pink leafhopper – Bothrogonia sp. – Cicadellidae:  Hemiptera

Swallow tail butterfly – Chilasa clytia – Papilionidae:  Lepidoptera

Blue butterfly – Graphium sarpedon – Lycaenidae:  Lepidoptera

Shoot and leaf webber – Sorolopha archimedias – Pyrautidae:  Lepidoptera

Looper – Thalassodes sp. – Geometridae:  Lepidoptera

Leafwebber – Orthaga vitalis – Pyraustidae:  Lepidoptera

Tussock caterpillar – Dasychira mendosa, – Euproctis fraterna

Lymantriidae:  Lepidoptera

Leaf miners – Acrocercops sp. – Phyllocnistis citrella

Gracillariidae:  Lepidoptera



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