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Physical Supply In Marketing – Free Online Studymaterial

Meaning :

Marketing activities are influenced by several factors inside and outside of the business firm.These factors influence marketing decision making are collectively called marketing environment.

Definition :

According to Philip kotler ” marketing environment refers to external factors that affecting the companies ability to develop and maintain successful transaction and relationships with the customer”.

Function of physical supply :

(1) Transportation.

(2) storage and warehousing

(3) choosing and motivation the channel of distribution.

Transportation :

Marketing system requires an economical and effective transportation system.A good system of transportation increase the value of goods by the creation of place activity.

Storage and warehousing :

Storage involves holding and preserving of goods between the time of their production and the time of their consumption. Warehouse can be maintained at certral places from where the distribution can be made according to the needs of the consumer.

Choosing and motivation the channel of distribution:

A channel of distribution is a group of individuals and organisations that direct the flow of products from produces to customers. Channees of distribution should make products available to the right time in the vight place and in the right euanting.

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