Plant Tissue Culture

Plant Tissue Culture (PTC)

Plant tissue culture is used to describe the in vitro and aseptic growth of any plant part on a tissue culture medium. This technology is based on three fundamental principles:

•The plant part or explant must be selected and isolated from the rest of plant body.

•The explant must be maintained in controlled physically (environmental) and chemically defined (nutrient medium) conditions.

Laboratory Facilities for PTC

For PTC, the laboratory must have the following facilities:

•Washing facility for glassware and ovens for drying glassware.

•Medium preparation room with autoclave, electronic balance and pH meter.

•Transfer area sterile room with laminar air-flow bench and a positive pressure ventilation unit called High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter to maintain aseptic condition.

•Culture facility: Growing the explant inoculated into culture tubes at 22-28° C with illumination of light 2400 lux, with a photoperiod of 8-16 hours and a relative humidity of about 60%

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