Protozoa infection – Malaria, What is Malaria, How Malaria spreading, Malaria symptoms, Preventive measures for Malaria

Malaria is a life – threatening disease it is transmitted through the bite of an infected anopheles mosquito. The mosquitoes carry the plasmodium parasite that parasite is released into bloodstream.

Causative organism of Malaria

* Plasmodium vivax

* plasmodium Ovale

* plasmodium malariae

* plasmodium falciparum

Incubation period

* 9 to 14days

Mode of transmission

* Organ transplant

* Blood transfusion

Symptoms of Malaria

* Fever with chills

* Headache

* Vomiting

* Tiredness

* Sweats

Mosquito transmission cycle


* Cerebral Malaria

* Organ failure

* Anemia

* Low blood Sugar

Preventive measures

Mosquito control methods

Spraying clothing and skin

Sleeping in Mosquito net

Covering the skin

Spraying in home


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