Role of Home Nurse, Outreach services of home nurse, Maternal health services, school Health services, immunization services, industrial nursing services

Extended Role of Home Nurse

1. Health care provider

The home health nurse provides nursing procedures like

• Performs wound dressing

• Carry out Steam inhalation

• Performs eye irrigation

• Provides Oral rehydration therapy

• Treat minor illness

• Provides geriatric care

• Provides antenatal care

• Provides neonatal care

• Gives bed bath to disabled

• Provides range of motion and formal exercises to the bed ridden

• Provides first aid

2. Health educator

Educates individual, family and community for the principles and techniques of prevention and management of diseases

3. Collaborator

Works with the collaboration of other health team members

4. Counsellor

Conducts the counselling of individuals in some social and mental health problems.

5. Advocate

In suitable and required places, the home health nurse assumes the role of advocate.

Outreach Services Of Home Health Nurse

Maternal Health Services

• Help the expected mother in early pregnancy and help her to seek adequate Care

• Observe antenatal visits schedule strictly

• Identify the high risk pregnancy cases like hypertension, diabetes by doing thorough check up at home, she should educate pregnant women regarding diet, antenatal exercises, importance of rest and sleep, care of the newborn, breastfeeding techniques

• she prepares the mother physically and psychologically for deliveries.

School health Services

• School health services refers to the initiation, maintenance, improvement of the health of school children

• Educates school children in personal hygiene dental hygiene, healthy school environment, importance of well balanced diet etc

• She tries to guide and counsel the children who has problem with school environment or children with the behavioural problems like drug addiction , non obedience, long absenteeism , juvenile delinquency

Immunization Services

• She organises immunization session

• She teaches the care which the mother has to take during immunization

Industrial Nursing Services

• She plays a major role in periodical examination of the employees

• Provides care to the sick and injured

• Gives health education to change the behaviour

Organization of Clinics and Camps

The various types of camps are

• Service camps

• Education and training camps

• Family welfare camps

• Orientation and training camp

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