Role of Marketing Manager:

Formulation of marketing plans and policies in consultation with the chief executive or managing director.
Development of marketing mix and marketing program for all products of the company.

Supervision and control over sales manager, advertising manager, product manager and marketing services manager who are responsible for implementing marketing program.
Development of new markets, new products, new channels and new innovations in the field of marketing.
Growth of existing markets for company’s products.

Selection management and control of channels of distribution.
Modification of marketing plans and programs on the basis of feedback of information from customers and channel members.
Management of change due to changing customer needs, competition, etc. and maintaining good public relations.

Functions of Marketing Manager:

  1. Integrated Marketing- The marketing manager has to take decisions on the various elements of the marketing mix in an integrated way. For a customer, does not purchase a product just because of its price or utility or appearance. Thus, the marketing manager has to integrate all the elements of the marketing mix in such a way that the consumer finds the final deal very attractive. While doing this, he should try to reduce the cost of marketing the products and at the same time win the goodwill of the customers.
  2. Determining Objectives- It is the function of the marketing manager to determine the marketing objectives of the company. The marketing objectives must be fixed keeping in mind the overall objectives of the firm. Not only does he have to fix the marketing objectives, but he has to crystallize the product objective, pricing objectives, promotion objectives and physical distribution objectives. He has to integrate and direct all these objectives towards the overall marketing objectives.
  3. Product Policy- The marketing manager must be very clear as to the type of customer who will use his product. He should be clear on whether his company wants to produce a single product or a line of products. Thus, his product policy objective must be consumer oriented and in keeping with the overall marketing objective.
  4. Pricing Policy- It is the duty of the marketing manager to fix the pricing policy in keeping with the marketing and over all company policy. The pricing policy and product policy are interrelated. The marketing executive should fix the price in such a way that it results in maximum profit for the company from the volume of sales secured at that particular price.
  5. Distribution Strategy- The marketing manager has to decide upon the distribution strategy that he has to adopt. Does he want a limited distribution or a widespread distribution, will have to be decided and then he will have to organize for the channels of distribution and will have to select the channel accordingly.
  6. Advertising and Sales Promotion- The marketing executive has to decide upon the advertising and sales promotion policy as well. He will have to decide whether the advertising will be done by a separate department in his organization or it would be better to entrust the work of advertising to the outside professionals, or to use a combination of both these methods.
  7. Proper Planning- Planning is deciding in advance what is to be done. All companies carry out planning for the smooth functioning of its organization. The marketing manager has to plan as to how the objectives that have been determined will be implemented. For proper planning the marketing manager has to carry out functions like marketing research, planning the sales policies, planning the long-term marketing programme, planning for product diversification, etc.
  8. Selling- The marketing manager has to perform the following functions in regard to selling: to direct the sales manager to regulate sales, to organize sales territories and fix sales quotas, to select and train personnel for the sales department, to motivate the sales personnel and to organize and develop the channels of distribution.
  9. Service- After sales service is regarded as an integral part of modern marketing management. In fact, in today’s competitive business world if a company has to survive, it has to be consumer oriented and has to take care to see maximum satisfaction is given to the customers. Thus, a marketing manager must see to it that proper after sales services are given to the customers. Any complaints and problems of the customers are to be dealt with at once.

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