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Salient Features of Bhakti Movement

1.The bhakti reformers preached the principles of monotheism (oneness of God)

2. They believed in freedom from the cycle of life and death. They advocated that the salvation could be attained only by deep devotion and faith in God.

3. They emphasized the self-surrender for obtaining the bliss and grace of God.

4. Gurus could act as guides and preceptors.

5. They advocated the principle of Universal brotherhood.

6. They criticized idol worship.

7. They stressed the singing of hymns with deep devotion.

8. Arguing that all living beings, including humans, were god’s children, they strongly denounced caste system which divided people according to their birth.

9. They condemned ritualism, pilgrimages and fasts.

10.They did not consider any language as sacred and composed poems in the language of the common people.

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