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Seed treatment – what is seed treatment – what is meant by seed treatment- what are the type of seed treatment – How is seed treatment done- what is seed dressing in agriculture – what is uses in dressing of seeds – what is Seed coating- what is Seed pelleting

Seed treatment

Seed treatment is usages of specific products and specific techniques to improve the growth environment for the seed, seedlings and young plants. It ranges from a basic dressing to coating and pelleting.

Seed dressing: This is the most common method of seed treatment. The seed is dressed with either a dry formulation or wet treated with a slurry or liquid formulation. Dressings can be applied at both, the farm and industries. Low cost earthen pots can be used for mixing pesticides with seed or seed can be spread on a polythene sheet. The required quantity of chemical can be sprinkled on the seed lot and mixed mechanically by the farmers.

Seed coating: A special binder is used with a formulation to enhance adherence to the seed.

Seed pelleting: The most sophisticated Seed Treatment Technology changes the physical shape of a seed to enhance pelletability and handling. Pelleting requires specialized application machinery and techniques and is the most expensive application.

The farmer must take care of the following while buying the seeds

•When purchasing the seed farmer should obtain a bill/cash memo wherein the lot number and seed tag number is mentioned.

•After purchasing the seed, empty bag/packet (pouches) and receipt should be kept safely.

•Out of purchased seed, 100 seeds are taken from each purchased variety to test them for germination before sowing in the field. Knowing the germination percentage, the farmer can decide the seed rate when sowing in the field.

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