What are all the Sources of Indian Constitution – study material

The Primary Sources of the Indian Constitution are as follows:

The framers of the Constitution adopted the features of the Indian Constitution from several sources. The primary sources that inspired the framers of the Indian Constitution are:

•Volume I (9th December to 23rd December 1946)

•Volume II (20th January to 25th January 1947)

• Volume III (28th April to 2nd May 1947)

•Volume IV (14th July to 31nd July 1947)

•Volume V (14th August to 30th August 1947)

•Volume VI (27th January 1948)

• Volume VII (4th November 1948 to 8th January 1949)

• Volume VIII (16th May to 16th June 1949)

• Volume IX (30th July to 18th September 1949)

• Volume X (6th October to 17th October 1949)

•Volume XI (14th November to 26th November 1949)

• Volume XII (24th January, 1950

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