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Style of Service – In Hotel and Restaurant: English, French, Silver, American, Russian, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Continental Style of Services

Style of Service

Food service has a number of different styles of service. It should beselected based on the type of food being served and the place of the restaurant. There are various methods in which the service of the food can be done on the guest table.

1.English Service

☆Referred as host / butler service.

☆The most hospitable form of service done by a single waiter because he serves every course in the menu.

☆Food is brought on platters by the host and he portions the food in to the guest plate directly from left.

2.French Service

☆Elaborate, most labour intensive and expensive service.

☆High priced food items are served to the guest with great deal of attention.

☆Semi prepared / unprepared food items are carried on heavy platters on a gueridon and completed at a side table in front of the guests.

☆All foods are served and cleared from the right side of the guest.

3.Silver Service

☆Food is presented in silverware with elaborate dressing.

☆Cover is layed with sterling silverware.

☆Food is portioned into silver platters of the kitchen and completed in front of the guests at the side board.

☆Waiter present the dish to the host approval and serve from the left.

4.American Service

☆Preplated service, where the prepreparation of food is completed in the kitchen except for the salad and the bread and butter.

☆The portion is determined by the chef and the accompaniments are also served with the dish.

☆The meal is served and garnished on one plate.

☆Requires less labour and quick service.

5.Russian Service

☆Food is fully prepared and portioned in the kitchen and arranged on silver platters.

☆The waiter shows the platter to the guest as a polite gesture and serves the food.

6.Chinese Service

☆Lazy Susan is a common feature at the centre of large tables, to facilitate passing of serving dishes.

☆A basic place-setting consists of a small tea cup, a large plate with a small empty rice bowl, a set of chopsticks on the right and a spoon.

☆All the dishes for a course are placed around the Lazy Susan.

☆The dishes are served to the guest of honor first and then rotated clockwise around the table for others.

7.Italian Service

☆Italians serve white wine with fish, seafood and pasta, red wine with meat.

☆Italian portion sizes are smaller but it is healthier.

☆Italians do not switch knives. The knife remains in the right hand and the fork remains in the left.

☆When the meal is finished, the knife and fork are laid parallel to each other across the right side of the plate, with the tines of the fork facing downward

8.Japanese Service

☆Service is associated with standard customs and language.

☆Waiters should speak a polite form of respectful language called ‘keigs’.

☆Dinner is usually served with free glass of water or tea.

☆Chopsticks are not already set, the customer can find in a box on the table.

9.Continental Style of Service

☆It is a more graceful way of eating, but it does take practice.

☆The fork stays in the left hand, with the tines pointed down and the knife is hold by the right hand.

☆Food is speared by the fork and eaten.

☆In between bites (resting position), the knife and fork are crossed in the centre of the plate, fork tines pointed down.

☆“I am finished” position is that the knife and fork are placed side by side on the right side of the plate.

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