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Role of Bees in Crop Productivity – How Bees Involved in Agriculture productions – Free Study guide

Qualities of honeybees which make them good pollinators Body covered with hairs and have structural adaptation for carrying nectar and pollen. Bees do not injure the plants Adult and larva feed on nectar and pollen which is available in plenty Considered as superior pollinators, since store pollen and nectar for future use No diapause is […]

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Enemies of Bees – Honey bee plant production- No of enemies involved

Wax Moth a. Greater Wax Moth       Galleria mellonella Galleriidae : Lepidoptera Adults brown in colour. Female moth enters the hive during night and lays creamy white eggs in groups in the cracks and crevices of the hive and combs and in the gap between super and brood chamber.  Caterpillar is dirty white in colour. Egg, […]

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Apiculture- Different Bee Castes, Hiving of bees and Apiary Management – Development of Honey Bee plant – Study guide of Educational

Apiculture–          It deals with rearing and maintenance of honeybees for the production of honey on a commercial scale.  Different Bee Castes         Every honey bee colony comprises of a single queen, a few hundred drones and several thousand worker castes of honey bees. Queen is a fertile, functional female, worker is an unfertile female and the drone is […]