Dy Dying declaration: A dying declaration is the evidence provided by a person who is no his death bed and are given the same weight age as regular evidence. The reason behind this is that a person who is dying and know it generally will not tell a lie. Dynamic asset allocation: Dynamic asset allocation […]



Do Docking station: A device to which notebook computer or a laptop can be connected so it can serve as a desktop computer. Doctrine: A legal doctrine is a rule or principal of law framework set of rules when established by a precedent through which judgements can be determined in given legal cast Document: Document […]


Interfaces with other Functions in The OrganiZation

Importance of marketing is mainly attributed to the following category: A. Importance to the Firms: 1. Business planning and decision-making- Marketing is helpful not only to plan the production but also in business planning and taking various decisions regarding business. In today’s economy, production is planned according to the sales forecasts and not according to […]

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What is Marketing and Marketing Goal, Marketing Philosophy

Definition: Marketing is the management process responsible for indentifying,anticipating,and satisfying customer requirement profitable. Gole: * Attract new customers by promising superior value. * keep+grow current customers by delivering satifaction. Marketing a sale telling +selling Satisfying customer needs The importance of marketing : Marketing is valuable to a variety of organisation * corporate for- profit * […]

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GLOSSARY BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION – Words and its meanings used in Business

Words start with a letter A A1 : Top quality rating applicable to various business situations,e.g., credit worthiness and More general reference to qualify and fitness for purpose. Abandoned property : Property which has been abandoned by the owners. Abandonment : The voluntary relinquishment of a right by express worlds or by action. This term […]