Interfaces with other Functions in The OrganiZation

Importance of marketing is mainly attributed to the following category: A. Importance to the Firms: 1. Business planning and decision-making- Marketing is helpful not only to plan the production but also in business planning and taking various decisions regarding business. In today’s economy, production is planned according to the sales forecasts and not according to […]

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GLOSSARY BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION – Words and Its Meanings Starts with BO

Words starts with Letter BO Body language: Way in which People communicate meaning to others with their bodies in international interactions. Boilerplate: A section of standard text, especially a contract clause, inserted into legal documents,or instead increasingly referring to a standard section of code inserted into computer programs or other digital application. Bonafide : The […]


What are all the Objectives Of Business – BBA Study Material

Economic objective : (1). Profit. (2). Growth. (3). Innovation. (4). Service of society. (5). employees satisfaction and development. (6). Fair return to inveship. (7). Good carports citizenship. (8). Quality products and services. Profit : Profit making is the primary objective of business. Business should grow in all directions over a period of time. Growth : […]

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GLOSSARY BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION – Words and its meanings used in Business

Words start with a letter A A1 : Top quality rating applicable to various business situations,e.g., credit worthiness and More general reference to qualify and fitness for purpose. Abandoned property : Property which has been abandoned by the owners. Abandonment : The voluntary relinquishment of a right by express worlds or by action. This term […]

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Business Environment – BBA Subject -College study guide

Meaning : Business environment is the set of external factors such as the economic factors. Social-cultural factors demographic factors which are uncomfortable natural and affect on company decision of a firm on company the environment of the business is always changing and uncertain. Definition : According to Gerald Bell” an organisation external environment consist of […]