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Disease of Oats plants – Agricultural study materials

Diseases of oats DISEASES CAUSAL ORGANISM Septoria avenae blotch    Phaeosphaeria avenaria f.sp. avenaria Stem and leaf rust            Puccinia graminis var. avena Leaf spot Drechslera campanulata Bacterial blight Pseudomonas syringae pv.striafaciens Yellow dwarf      Barley yellow dwarf virus 1. Septoria avenae blotch   — Phaeosphaeria avenaria f.sp. avenaria Symptoms The fungus infects leaves, sheaths and stem and […]


Pest In ONION and GARLIC – Pest affecting Onion and Garlic – Pest Studymaterial

Onion Onion Thrips,Thrips tabaci  (Thripidae: Thysanoptera) It is a major cosmopolitan thrips injurious to onion and garlic. Nymphs and adults remain in dense at leaf bases and whorls of onion and feed by lacerating the tissues and imbibing the oozing cell sap.  Infested onion develops a spotted appearance on the leaves; subsequently turning into pale […]


SugarCane Pests – Study About Pest – Sugarcane production – Free Study guide

PESTS ON SUGARCANEEarly shoot borer – Chilo infuscatellus (Crambidae: Lepidoptera) P refer 1-3 months old crop. Caterpillar enters the stem by making holes above the ground level.  Formation of “dead heart” is the symptom. Affected plants can be easily pulled out. Rotten portion of the dead heart emits an offensive odour. High temperature, low humidity, […]

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Pest Monitoring – Pest Surveillance – Objectives, Survey, Sampling, Techniques and Decision Making

Pest Monitoring Monitoring phytophagous insects and their natural enemies is a fundamental tool in IPM – for taking management decision Monitoring – estimation of changes in insect distribution and abundance information about insects, life history influence of biotic and abiotic factors on pest population Pest Surveillance Refers to the constant watch on the population dynamics […]

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What is Marketing and Marketing Goal, Marketing Philosophy

Definition: Marketing is the management process responsible for indentifying,anticipating,and satisfying customer requirement profitable. Gole: * Attract new customers by promising superior value. * keep+grow current customers by delivering satifaction. Marketing a sale telling +selling Satisfying customer needs The importance of marketing : Marketing is valuable to a variety of organisation * corporate for- profit * […]

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Enemies of Bees – Honey bee plant production- No of enemies involved

Wax Moth a. Greater Wax Moth       Galleria mellonella Galleriidae : Lepidoptera Adults brown in colour. Female moth enters the hive during night and lays creamy white eggs in groups in the cracks and crevices of the hive and combs and in the gap between super and brood chamber.  Caterpillar is dirty white in colour. Egg, […]

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Mulberry silkworm –races and their characters – Mulberry plantation studies

Voltinism is a term used in biology to indicate the number of broods or generations of an organism in a year. or Number of generations per year under natural environmental conditions. Based on voltinism, Bombyx mori is divided in to 3 types, namely   i) Univoltines, ii) Bivoltines  and iii. Multivoltines. i) UNIVOLTINE RACES:  They produce […]

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What is Personality – Free Study guide

Definition of Personality “Personality can be described as how a person affects others, how he understands and views himself and his pattern of inner and outer measurable traits” Personality DeterminantsThere are several factors that determine the formation or shaping of our personality. Among them the three major factors are: Heredity, Environment and Situation. i) Heredity […]

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What are all the stages in the perceptual process-BBA free online Studymaterial

Stage I: observation phase StageII: selsction of the stimuli StageIII: organizing stage StageIII: Interpretation stage StageIV: Behavior Response StageV: Influencing perception Stage I: Observation Phase – It depicts the environmental stimuli being observed by the five senses of the perceived Perceptual Process. Stage II: Selection of the Stimuli: This is governed both by factors external […]

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Physical Supply In Marketing – Free Online Studymaterial

Meaning : Marketing activities are influenced by several factors inside and outside of the business firm.These factors influence marketing decision making are collectively called marketing environment. Definition : According to Philip kotler ” marketing environment refers to external factors that affecting the companies ability to develop and maintain successful transaction and relationships with the customer”. […]

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ENGLISH CONVERSATION A VISIT TO THE DOCTOR’S OFFICE – Learn Spoken English through conversation

Situation: Laura has not been feeling well lately. Today she goes to see her doctor for a physical checkup.Laura: Good morning, I have an appointment with Doctor Clark at 8:30.Clerk: Let me pull your record. In the meantime, please sign-in and have a seat.Nurse: Laura Nicholson.Laura: Here.Nurse: Follow me to Room A please.Nurse: Here we […]

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Contributing disciplines to the Organisational Behaviour field – Free Online Studymaterial

Organizational behaviour is an applied behavioural science that is built upon contributions from a number of behavioural disciplines. * Psychology * Sociology * Social psychology * Anthropology * Political science I ) Psychology *Psychology is the science that seeks to measure, explain, and sometimes change the behaviour of humans and other animals *To use psychological […]