Ponniyin selvan Part 1

Ponniyin Selvan Chapter 6 – Midnight Meeting -Nadunisi Kootam – Ponniyin selvan Novel story in english

After the gypsy dance and the oracle dance, there was a lavish feast for the guests. Vallavarayan Vandiya Devan could not enjoy the banquet. His body was tired and his mind was agitated. His friend Kandamaran, seated next to him, pointed out the several dignitaries with pride. Besides Lord Pazluvoor and Lord Sambuvaraya, there was […]

Ponniyin selvan Part 1

Ponniyin Selvan Chapter 5 – The Gypsy Dance – Kuravai koothu – Ponniyin Selvan novel story in English

Both friends came out from the inner chambers. A voice from inside called out, “Kandamara! Kandamara!” “My mother is calling me. Wait right here. I’ll be back instantly,” said Kandamaran as he went inside once again. The voices of several women talking all at once, the sound of questions being asked one upon the other […]

Ponniyin selvan Part 1

Ponniyin Selvan Chapter 2 – Part 1 – Aalvar adiyan Nambi – Ponniyin selvan story in english – Episode 2

Vallavarayan Vandiya Devan rode down the embankment and turned his horse towards the southern path; his heart danced with joy: like those sailboats skipping across the waves. The excitement buried deep in his heart seemed to erupt outward. His intuition said that he was going to meet adventures experienced by none in one lifetime. What […]


Ponniyin selvan tamil story in Web series – Hear your favourite novel story in Audio book – kalkiyin Ponniyin selvan tamil Novel

Ponniyin Selvan is widely considered by many to be the greatest novel ever written in Tamil literature. It was first published as a series in the Kalki , a Tamil language magazine, during the 1950s and was later integrated into a novel. The craze for the series which was published weekly was such that it elevated […]