Tinkering and painting working procedure


Tinkering is performed to remove
dents, scratches, chemical erosion,environmental erosion occurred on the exterior surface. This will improve the aesthetic appearance of the vehicle.

Tools used for tinkering

1. Gas and Arc welding unit
2. Alloy steel sheets
3. New chassis sub frame to be
4. Sheet metal cutter
5. Spray painting gun
6. Required matching colour
7. Thinner
8. Emery sheet
9. Cleaning clothes
10. Patti and scrapper
11. Wood hammer (or) mallet


Painting on vehicle bodies are used
for both surface protection from corrosion and decoration purposes.Steps followed in painting1. Preparation
2. Primer
3. Base coat
4. Clear coat
5. Polishing• Wash the area to be painted with
plain water and soap and scrub off
any deposits with a micro fibre cloth.
Allow the surface to be dried.• Remove badges, trims, door handles,
side-indicator lamps, headlights,
windscreen etc that will hinder the
paint job using right tools.• Remove the dents using wooden
hammer.• Finish doing the dent work for the areanto be painted. Use emery sheet to clean any rust on the area to be painted. If any new metal is welded, then ground the weld seam. Treat rusted areas with corrosion protection spray (optional).• Fill in small imperfections with body
filler, and sand back the surface with
smooth grades of emery paper, until
the surface is smoothed out.• Mask the surrounding area with Brown pape Degrease the surface to be paintednusing a degreaser and wipe the surface free of dust.• Apply the primer and allow it to
• Apply 2 – 3 base coat with the required matched colour evenly on the surface using spray gun. Ensure complete dryness between each coat.• Apply the 1 – 2 clear coat to form a
glossy and transparent coating and
allow it to dry.• Polish the painted surface.• Inspect for any paint run and gently
remove these with thinner.• Finally remove all masking from the
car.• Then wash it thoroughly and wax
when dry.

Precautions to be followed during tinkering and painting

1. Before tinkering, the vehicle must be raised to the required height by jack and firmly parked.2. Axles and wheels in the vehicle should be removed3. Remove the fuel tank, lubrication
oil sump and other fluids in the
vehicle.4. All electricity circuits must be securely grounded.5. Clean the vehicle with compressed
air6. Grease and Wax sticking on the
vehicle surface should be cleaned
using degreaser7. The area to be painted should be
washed and dried thoroughly.

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