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Traits / Qualities of effective leadership, Physical and mental vigour, Emotional stability, Empathy, Motivation, Communicating Skill, Ability to guide, Sociability, Technical competence, Other personal abilities

Traits / Qualities of effective leadership

To be able to provide effective leadership to his subordinates, a leader needs to have certain qualities. Some important qualities that a leader must possess are summarized

i. Physical and mental vigour

In order to work for sufficiently long hours a leader requires tremendous stamina and vigour.

ii. Emotional stability

Leaders should be rationale and logical to analyse the various problems and should not be moved by emotion or sentiments and should take appropriate decisions. A good sense of judgment is also a requisite of a leader.

iii. Empathy

A leader should discern the followers strength, weaknesses, ambitions as well as his own and should be able to look at things objectively and from others view point.

iv. Motivation

A leader should create enthusiasm within him to motivate his subordinate If a job is done under fear of punishment then the behaviour of the person might not remain as leader.

v. Communicating Skill

A leader should have good communication ability to persuade, inform, stimulate, and direct his subordinates.

vi. Ability to guide

The leader should have the ability to guide his sub–ordinates how to accomplish a particular task, to correct errors, prepare them for achievement and offer suggestions.

vii. Sociability

A leader should be friendly, helpful, sympathetic and easily approachable and should win confidence and loyalty of the sub ordinates.

viii. Technical competence

A leader needs to have a thorough knowledge on the theory and practice of his job with regard to principles, procedures and operations of a job.

ix. Other personal abilities

A leader should be morally sound and essentially possess conceptual skill, moral courage, flexibility of mind and should have the ability to establish proper priorities. Along with leading the team of employees it is also necessary for a manager to appraise them in an appropriate method.

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