Types Of Decorative- what is naturalistic- what is conventional- what is Abstract- what is Historic- what is Geometric

Design There are 5 types of decorative design.

They are :

1. Naturalistic

2. Conventional

3. Abstract

4. Historic

5. Geometric

Naturalistic Design

When objects from nature are used as such, it is known as naturalistic design. The designs can be selected and reproduced exactly. Examples: Flowers, leaves, animals and landscape. The inspirations for design selection vary from designer to designer, time to time and place to place. The inspired designs from nature can be applied on textiles and garments in the form of silhouettes, print patterns, textures and colours. The selection of the design varies depending on various factors such as age, sex, body structure, occasions, and purpose. It depends on the preference, mood and interest of a designer.

Example – Sunrise, trees and forest.

Conventional Design

When an object from nature is adopted to suit the purpose of the object and be decorative, the motif ceases to be naturalistic.

E.g. Fruits – Mango, flowers – hibiscus and animals or birds – Peacock.

Abstract Design

Motif which does not have nature as a source but the combination of lines producing irregular form. These designs are not easily recognized. The modern art is an abstract design.

Examples: Wavy designs, ripples, designs with lines etc.

Historic Design

It refers to the designs depicting famous monuments or building of historic importance.

Examples: Temple, Taj Mahal.

Geometric Design

It is not derived from nature. It is derived from geometric patterns such as circles, rectangle, triangle, parallel lines and so on.

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