Food Services Management UG degree

Types of Organization Chart

The structure of an organization is represented in the form of a chart. There are two types of organization charts based on authority relationship. An organization chart shows the subordinate-superior
relationships and the decision making
authority in an establishment.


Authority: Authority is defined asthe power or right to give orders, make decisions and enforce obedience. It is the ability to influence or control others. The organization chart is usually constructed on the basis of the line of authority. Organization structure indicates whether authority is centralised or decentralised.The two types of authority relationships most often found in food service operation systems are line, line and staff relationships.

a. Line Organization
In the line organization, lines
of authority are clearly drawn. Each
individual is responsible to the person
ranking above him on the organization chart. Thus authority and responsibility is passed downwards. In such an organization structure, each person knows to whom She/he is responsible to.

Functions and positions are
graphically presented by the use of blocks or circles. Solid lines connecting the various blocks indicate formal authority relationships. Those with the greatest
authority are shown at the top of the chart and those with the least at the bottom. Lines of communication are shown by use of dotted lines and represent informal relationships For example, as shown in Fig 1.1, the catering manager of a growing cafeteria operation may add an assistant manager, thus creating another level in the chain of command. If the distance from the topto bottom is greater, the responsibilities may be redistributed horizontally through departmentalization.

b. Line and Staff Organization

As the enterprise grows, it would be difficult for the line organization to cope with many diversified responsibilities assigned by the person at the top. In the line and staff pattern, specialists are positioned at various levels to advice and Support those in the line. The manager is positioned at the top and is assisted by the supervisor and specialist cook at the bottom level as depicted.

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