Food Services Management

Types of service – In hotel and restaurant; Gueridon, Cafeteria, Counter, Mobile Pantries, Grill Room, Room, Buffet, Take away, Robotic services

Types of service

The service of meal can be carried out in many ways depending on the type of food service, customer, time available for the meal, type of menu, cost of the meal and the turnover of the establishment. There are various types and styles of food service are followed in restaurants.

The different types of services are given;

1. Gueridon Service

☆Elaborate service and offers great personal attention to the guest

☆Foods are brought to the dining area by gueridon trolly fitted with gas burners in a raw or partially prepared manner and completed at the guest table side.

☆Expensive menu items

☆Need skilled waiters trained in filleting, carving and flaming the food.

2.Cafeteria Service

☆Quick and self service exists in industrial canteens, colleges, hospitals and hostels

☆The guest may have coupons in advance and present them in the counter to choose the food items

☆The food is served preplated with cutleries in the counter.High tables are provided to stand and eat.

3.Counter Service

☆Food is displayed behind the counter for the guest to choose

☆Tall stools are placed along a counter for the guests to sit and eat.

4.Mobile Pantries

☆Catering vans are parked in central areas outside educational institutions, offices and on roadsides. It has lower fixed cost and offer meals at lower prices to customers.

☆Large hotels install mechanised dispensing units in rooms, which will eject preplated food and beverages for guest consumption.

5.Grill Room Service

☆Non-vegetarian foods such as meat, chicken and fish are displayed behind a counter

☆The guest can choose his / her exact cut of meat, grilled and served preplated.

6.Room Service

☆Serving of food and beverages to the room as small or major orders.

☆Room service orders are received by the waiters and transmits to the kitchen.

☆Waiter prepares his tray or trolly and delivered to the guests in the rooms

7.Buffet Service

☆A self-service, where food and beverages is displayed in chafing dishes on tables which are simple to very elaborate varieties

☆For sit down buffet service, tables are laid with crockery and cutlery

☆Special attention and planning are required for buffet layout.

8.Take away service

☆Orders are received either over the counter, drive way, website or mobile app.

☆Payments are either made in advance via online payments or paid at the time of pick up.

☆Automated vending machine is also used for this type of service.

9.Robotic Service

☆Robots are used in big hotels for food preparation and service

☆Guests make the order on the touch screen, which is sent to the robotic arm processors.

☆The order is then prepared by the robotic arm and served through robots or waiters.

☆Smart phones with the hotels mobile application installed are also used for placing the orders.

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