Universal Joint and Slip Joint, Types Of Universal Joint – Automobile Engineering Studymaterial

Universal joint

This is connected at both ends of the
propeller shaft. Since the propeller shaft is connected by the universal joint, it transmits the engine’s power at different angles.

Slip joint

It is connected with the propeller
shaft after the universal joint. It moves smoothly according to the movement of rear axle. Figure shows the view of a slip joint used in automobiles.

Functions of universal joint

• It transmits the power from the gear
box shaft to the propeller shaft through inclined direction.
• It helps to transmit the power without any loss when the vehicle is going on ups and downs of the roads.
• It withstands the vibrations occurring on the roads.
• It helps in varying the length of the
propeller shaft.

Types of universal joint

1. Hooke’s type
2. Pot type

3. Rubber coupling type
4. Ball type

Hooke’s type

In this type of joint the spider is
fixed in between the two yokes. In the
spider, needle like bearings are present.These bearings are set at the bottom of the yoke on the slots made on the yoke for placing the bearings. Hence the bearings cannot come out of the yoke.One yoke is connected with the gear box and another one is connected with the propeller shaft. The spider rotates along with the driving yoke which is connected to the gear box. Thereby the drive yoke which is connected to the other side of the spider starts to rotate and transmits the power from gear box
to propeller shaft smoothly.


1. It has high mechanical advantage.
2. It is simple in construction.
3. It transmits the power more effectively.
4. It works according to the weight of the vehicle.
5. It has long life.

6. It is mostly used in present day
7. According to the up and down motion (18 deg) of propeller shaft the power is transmitted without any loss and vibrations.

Pot type universal joint

One end of the shaft has T shape
structure. Both the ends are joined with semi spheres using a pin. Cylinder like structure in the opposite is called pot type.Semi spheres in the T shaft are designed like moving part in the cylinder. So T shaft in the cylinder moves front and back and also in angles.

Rubber coupling type universal joint

In a round shaped rubber coupling
there are six holes at an equal distance.This rubber coupling is placed between two spiders and fixed with bolt and nut.This rubber coupling is a flexible one to
be with shaft. This can scope with only a small angle shake. It is also called as flexible ring type universal joint.

Ball type universal joint

It is used to transmit the power
approximately at 30 deg without vibration.Mostly used in front axle drive vehicles.It has input half shaft. One end of the shaft has splines in which inner spherical socket is fitted. Outer spherical socket is connected with the outer shaft. Grooves
are cut between two sockets in which balls will move. When the input shaft rotates balls between the sockets will move and transmit the power smoothly.

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