Urban ecosystem restoration model – Adyar Poonga

Adayar Poonga is located in Chennai and covers an area around a total of 358 acres of Adayar creek and estuary, of which 58 acres were taken up for eco restoration under the auspices of Government of Tamil Nadu.

It is maintained by Chennai Rivers Restoration Trust (CRRT).This was a dumping site previously. Presently it has 6 species of mangroves, about 170 species of littoral and tropical dry evergreen forests (TDF) which have successfully established as a sustainable ecosystem.

Restoration of plants species has brought other associated fauna such as butterflies, birds, reptiles, amphibians and other mammals of the ecosystem. Currently Adayar Poonga functions as an environmental education Centre for school and college students and the public. The entire area stands as one of the best examples for urban eco restoration in the state of Tamil Nadu.

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