Vehicle Body Construction – Automobile Study material

What is Body of Vehicle?

Body is the superstructure for
all vehicles. It may either constructed
separately and bolted to the chassis
or manufac tured integral with the

• The chassis and body make the
complete vehicle.
• A body consists of windows and doors,roof, luggage compartment,passenger seats etc.

• A body should be designed such that it will against the air resistance, gradient resistance and rolling resistance.

Functions of the vehicle body

1. Vehicle body protects the passengers and the goods from sunlight.
2. Prevent the dust from entering into
the vehicle.
3. Protects the passenger from rainfall.

Requirements of the vehicle body

1. Weight of the body should be as
minimum as possible.
2. It should have minimum number of
3. It should have reasonable fatigue life.

4. It must provide adequate space for
both the passenger and the luggage.
5. It should create minimum vibration
during running.
6. Weight and stresses induced in the
body should be distributed evenly to
all portions.
7. It should be able to cope with impact
loads of reasonable magnitude and
safeguard the passengers during
8. The shape of the body should be such that the air resistance is minimum
9. It is easy to manufacture as weIl as
cheap in cost.
10. It should be easy to maintenance.

Types of vehicle body

Vehicle bodies are classified into
two types namely

1. Goods vehicle body
2. Passenger vehicle body.

Goods vehicle body

This type of vehicle bodies is used
for transportation of goods. Based on the nature of the goods transported, Engine horsepower, load carrying capacity, the vehicle bodies are designed.

Passenger vehicle body

This type of vehicle bodies is used for
transportation of passengers. Based on the number of passengers, level of luxury, engine horsepower, the vehicle body is designed.

Passenger Transport

a. Small car bodies up to six seat capacity.
b. Medium car bodies up to ten seat capacities.
c. Mini bus Bodies.
d. Large bus body for common and
Luxurious transport.
e. Railway coach bodies.
f. Three Wheeled Bodies

Goods Transport

a. Truck Bodies
b. Tanker Bodies
c. Minivan Bodies

d. Medium load Carrying vehicle
e. Heavy load carrying Bodies
f. Three wheeled Bodies.
g. Tipper bodies.

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