What are all the Objectives Of Business – BBA Study Material

Economic objective :

(1). Profit.

(2). Growth.

(3). Innovation.

(4). Service of society.

(5). employees satisfaction and development.

(6). Fair return to inveship.

(7). Good carports citizenship.

(8). Quality products and services.

Profit :

Profit making is the primary objective of business. Business should grow in all directions over a period of time.

Growth :

Growth is another primary objective of business. Business should growth in all directions over a period of time.

Innovation :

Innovation is the key factor innovation distribution, financial,or in May other field.

Service to society :

Service to society is the main objective of non profit marking enterprise.

Employee satisfaction and development :

The employee working in the business must be sufficiently compensate through fain wages salaries, bonus, welfare facilities, medical facilities and some other benefits.

Fair return to inveship :

The shareholders incase of companies most get proper future on their investment in the form of dividends.

Good carporate citizenship :

The business unit complies with the rules of the land pays taxes to the government regularly discharge its obligations society and cares for its employees and customers.

Quality products and services :

Providing quality products and services is yet another objective of business the objective of every business should be to create a customer and to retain a customer.

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