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What are all the stages in the perceptual process-BBA free online Studymaterial

Stage I: observation phase

StageII: selsction of the stimuli

StageIII: organizing stage

StageIII: Interpretation stage

StageIV: Behavior Response

StageV: Influencing perception

Stage I: Observation Phase – It depicts the environmental stimuli being observed by the five senses of the perceived Perceptual Process.

Stage II: Selection of the Stimuli: This is governed both by factors external to the perceived, such as the characteristics of the stimulus, and internal to the individual, such as the personality disposition and motivations of the perceiver.

Stage III: Organizing Stage – In this stage, the perceiver is influenced by figure and ground, grouping, and several perceptual errors such as stereotyping halo effects, projection and perceptual defense.

Stage IV: Interpretation Stage: This stage is governed by the perceiver’s assumptions of people and events and attributions about causes of behavior and feelings.

Stage V: Behavior Response: In this stage the response of the perceiver takes on both covert and overt characteristics. Covert response will be reflected in the attitudes, motives, and feelings of the perceiver and overt responses will be reflected in the actions of the individual.

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