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What is animal fibers? What are the animal fibers in textile designing?


High resistance. Good Good Burns readily Natural protein fibers are obtained from animal sources like hair and other secretion, fibers include covering from such animals as sheep, mohair goat, cashmere goat and camel. Secretions are obtained from the larva, or worm stage, of the silkworm, which spins the cocoon from which silk fibers are obtained and from the spider which spins fine fibers in making its web. There are some properties of hair fibers and secretions which are quite similar and on the other hand there are properties which are totally different.


In old English, silk was sioloc. The name is thought to have originated from the Greek “Seres”, meaning the people from Eastern Asia, namely the Chinese. Silk is very fine strand of fiber that is a solidified protein secretion produced by certain caterpillars to encase themselves in the form of cocoon.

Principal Origin : Natural

Chemical Type : Proteinaceous Generic

Name : Secretion of caterpillar Common

Name : Silk


Damage Strong alkalies damage fiber; Prolonged exposure causes fiber breakdown Destroyed by carpet beetles Burns with a sputtering flame. The word wool was wull in old English. Wool is the fiber from the fleece of domesticated sheep.

Principal Origin : Natural

Generic name : Animal hair

Chemical type : Proteinaceous Common

name : Wool

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