What is Brake System, What are all the types of Brake system

For the safe and accident free travel
the vehicle must be driven under control.we have to drive the vehicle with control.All the mechanical devices invented by human beings must be controlled by the human. As compared to the earlier automobile vehicles, the modern automobile
vehicles are faster in speed. Such vehicles are controlled by the controlled system provided in the vehicles. Braking System is one among the important systems in
controlling these fastest vehicles. The
driver (for him and for the passengers) can stop the vehicle whenever he needs to stop it without causing any disturbances to the person inside the vehicle and for the vehicle coming in the opposite
direction by using the system called as braking system.

Functions of braking system

The important functions of the
braking system are

1. To reduce the speed of the vehicle in a controlled level by using the braking system.

2. To stop the vehicle within the
specified distance or suddenly as per
the condition of the road.
3. To control the speed of the vehicle
while climbing down from the hill
station roads and bends.
4. To park the vehicle permanently in
particular place.

Requirements of braking system

1. It should be easy to operate,powerful,and reliable.

2. Vehicle must stop immediately after
applying the brake.
3. Brake shoes and brake linings should
have better anti-wear property.
4. It should not be over sensitive.
5. It must be durable and have less
6. The operation of the braking system
should not interfere the operation of
the other systems of the vehicle.
7. Braking system should not be noisy
during its operating condition.

Types of brake

The brakes are classified into a
number of types. They are,

i. According to the application

1. Normal brake or foot brake
2. Hand brake or parking brake

ii. According to application of
brake shoe

a. Drum type brake
1. Internally expanding type brake
2. Externally contracting type brake
b. Disc type or caliper type brake

iii. According to the power

1. Mechanical brake
2. Hydraulic brake
3. Air brake
4. Vacuum brake and
5. Electric brake

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