What Is Clutch,Working Principle Of Clutch,Components of a Clutch

What is clutch

Clutch is the first part of the
transmission system. It is mounted between the engine and the gear box. Clutch is a mechanism that helps to rotate the rotation from a shaft to another shaft on the same axis.
Used to change gears softly, to stop the
vehicle and for Engine idle.

Principle of the Clutch

Clutch works on the principle of
friction. When the rotating disk C connects with disk D, both will start to rotate. This is the basic principle in Clutch.

Qualities of Good Clutch

1. Should have high torque transmission.
2. Should join in step-by-step.
3. Should be a good transfer of heat.
4. Operating balance is required.
5. Should be able to bear the shocks.
6. Should have free pedal play.
7. Should be easy to operate.
8. Should be in simple construction,
cheap in cost and high working life.
9. Low space should be adequate.
10. Should have high co-efficient of friction.

Components of Clutch

1. Clutch Plate
2. Clutch Lining
3. Pressure Plate
4. Coil Spring
5. Release bearing
6. Clutch linkage

Clutch Plate

Clutch plate should be made of
steel. Hub is situated in centre of the
clutch plate. Hub consists of splines.
Clutch plate has moving capacity. Hub is attached with disk. Disk is surrounded by many cushion springs. Above this,friction lining is attached with rivet or glue. Helical spring is attached in centre of the plate to bear torque. This is called as torsional or damper spring.

Clutch Lining

The two ends of the clutch lining
and clutch plate are attached with the
help of rivets or some special glue. The clutch lining is made up of following materials.

1. Asbestos
2. Reybestos
3. Fibre
4. Leather
5. Cork


• Solid Woven Lining types
• Moulded Lining types

Solid Woven lining type

In this type, Clothes are stitched
with the suitable thickness.

Moulded lining types

It is formed with the help of asbestos,
fibre, glass particles, cloth, metal powder and sticking component with particular pressure.

Pressure Plate

Above clutch plate to form good
and equal pressure, true is done at its
surface. It will produce friction pressure plate is made with some special type of material which will have the heat resistance capacity.

Clutch Spring

Cushion or Torsion spring is used
to bear frictions produced from clutch
engage and disengage.

Release Bearing

Clutch housing inside, without any
contact with clutch shaft it will move forward and backward. It will press the fingers equally so it is known as Release bearing.

Clutch linkage

Operates release bearing from the
clutch pedal with the help of fork is
known as clutch linkage. In car it works with the cables and in heavy vehicles, it works with the steel rods. It is designed in such a way that it can able to change its length.

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