What is filariasis symptoms and treatment, Preventive Measures for filariasis


Filariasis is a tropical disease is caused by mosquitoes, and it infect the body through tiny filarial worms.

Causative organism

* Wuchereria bancrofti

* Brugia malayi

* Brugia Himori

Incubation period

* 10-14 days


* Swelling of the genitals and extremities

* Severe inflammation of the skin

* Inflammation of the lymphatic vessels

* Elephantiasis / Lymphatic Filariasis


* Quantitative blood count (QBC)

* Immuno chromatographic test ( ICI)

* Serological test

* IgG4

* IgG2


* Ivermection

* Antihistamines or corticosteroids can reduce allergic reactions

* DEC (Diethylczartamazine) Preventive Measure

* Control of mosquito

* Refrain from going outdoors

* Sleep inside the insecticide – treated mosquitoes net

* Cover yourself with full sleeves

* Avoid using strong perfume or cologne which draw the Mosquitoes.

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