What is Fire Accident- what are the step by step actions to be taken in case of fire- what is Preventive Measures- what is During fire accident- what is During fire accident- what is Things that must never be done during a fire

Massive forest fires may start in hot and droughty weather as a result of lightning, and human carelessness or from other causal factors. Fires can lead to the destruction of buildings, wooden bridges and poles, power, transmission and telecommunication lines, warehouses of containing oil products and other fuel. It causes injury to people and animals.

During droughts or windy weather, fire may destroy low vegetation and trees. The spreading speed of low fire is 1-3 m/sec and high fire may reach up to 100m/sec.

Rule of actions for Fire Accident-Do’s

1. When Fire accident occurs, warning should be given by shouting or ringing bell.

2. Extinguish the fire using sand and other fire extinguishers.

3. Main switch should be switched off immediately.

4. If clothes started burning, the victim should roll on the ground to extinguish the fire.

5. The combustible materials found near the fire accident place, have to be discarded so that the fire does not spread to them.

6. If fire breaks out with smoke spreading, cover the nose, crawl and move out.

7. Think that life is more valuable than belongings.

8. Move from the fire accident place to a safe place.

Preventive Measures

1. Create a safe zone between the house and f lammable plants.

2. Cut off all the branches of trees with below three meter height standing near your house.

3. Remove moss and dry branches from plants standing near the house.

5. Clean ditches and pits from dry branches and leaves.

6. Keep flammable materials in the checked safe containers.

7. Ask your relative or friend living in a different location to be your contact person.

8. Have a fire extinguisher and know how to use it.

During fire accident

1. When water cannot be used (because the equipment is plugged-in) or there is no water and the fire is not strong, you can use cooking soda or calcite soda, washing powder, sand, soil.

2. Keep your head no higher than 30 cm above the floor; above this height accumulation of heavy harmful gases may exists.

3. If there is no opportunity to leave the room, move towards a window, and try to get the attention of people by giving signals.

4. If your clothing has caught fire do not run because this will intensify burning. Take the clothes off, throw them in a safe place and put out the fire.

5. If you are near a fire in a forest and cannot extinguish the fire by yourself, immediately inform people who are nearby about the necessity to leave the hazard zone.

Things that must never be done during a fire

1. Never pour water on burning electrical equipment if it is switched on. If a TV set, a refrigerator is burning, turn off the electricity from the main switch.

2. Do not jump from windows of upper floors.

3. Do not panic.

4. Do not try to extinguish the fire by yourself.

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