What is Gear Ratio, How to Troubleshooting gear box, Maintenance method of Gear box

What is Drive Gear

Driver Gear:

Driver gear is one which is connected to the power source i.e Incase of Gear pumps the power source may be motors. Likewise power source varies with type of applications.

Driven Gear:

Driven Gear is one which is meshed with the driver gear.Driven gear rotates with the help of power source connected to the driver gear.Driven gear should be of same module with the driver gear irrespective of number of teeths

How to calculate Gear Ratio

Gear Ratio

The ratio between the speed of the
driver gear to the speed of the driven
gear is called as the gear ratio or it is a
ratio between number of gear teeth in the driver gear to the number of gear teeth in the driven gear.

Gear ratio = clutch shaft speed / main
shaft speed

Gear ratio = speed of the driven gear/
speed of the driven gear


No of teeth’sin driven gear/No of teeth’sin driven gear


rG = Gear Ratio
N1= speed of the Driver gear

N2= speed of the Driven gear
T1= No of teeth’s in driver gear
T2= No of teeth’s in driven gear

Gear ratio calculation

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