What is Hypertension, What is BP, What happen on Hyper tension or High Blood pressure, What causes hypertension and High Blood pressure


A normal blood pressure reads as 120/80 where 120 denotes the systolic pressure and 80 denotes the diastolic pressure. When the value of blood pressure is 140/90 and above, then it is called as high blood pressure or hypertension.

Blood pressure is the force of blood pressing against the walls of the blood vessels (arteries) that deliver oxygen-rich blood from the heart to all parts of the body.


* Smoking

* High blood cholesterol

* Over weight

* High salt intake

* Alcohol intake

* Renal disorder

* Endocrine disorder

* Vascular disorder

* Neurological disorder

* Problems with pregnancy

* Acute stress

Risk factors

Non modifiable

Family, history, Gender, age


Stress, Obesity, Substance abuse

Signs & Symptoms

* Fatigue

* Head ache

* Shortness of Breath

* Giddiness

* Palpitation

* Ringing in the ears

* Epistaxis

* Heart failure

* Cardiac pain

* Coronary thrombosis

* Stroke

* Renal failure


* History collection

* Physical examination


* Renogram, renal arteriogram

* Laboratory study of blood and urine

* Fundoscopic examination


Medical Management

* Diuretics

* Beta blockers

* Calcium antagonist

Dietary management

* Reduction of weight

* Restrict fat intake

* Restrict sodium intake

* Avoid consumption of alcohol, caffeine

* Avoid smoking

* Encourage the patients to take food contain potassium

Relaxation technique:

* Transcendental meditation

Transcendental describes anything that has to do with the spiritual, or non physical world.

* Yoga

* Progressive muscle relaxation


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