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What is Media :Every individual person is a medium of expression. Media is the plural of the word medium.An individual interacts through the media to reach other individual and institutions. Media is generally the agency for inter-personal communication. Media includes every broadcasting and narrowcasting medium. It includes physical and online newspapers and magazines, television, radio, billboards, telephone, the Internet,when talking about reaching a very large number of people we say mass media. Local media refers to, for example, your local newspaper, or local/regional TV/radio channels.Classification of Media :1- Narrowcast Media – Cable Television, Direct mail, Seminar2-Broadcast Media – Films, Television, Radio. 3-Print Media – Newspapers, Magazine, Journals, Books, Posters, Reports4- Web Media – Google website and Blogs5-Social Media – Twitter, Facebook, whatsApp and InstagramThis communication can be classified into: –Personal communication –These are meant for personal use, like letters,telephone, cell phone, E-mail and fax.Mass communication –These are used for communicating with the masses.Newspapers, Radio, TV, collectively they are termed as media.social media – Social media is a collective of online communication channels where communities interact, share content and collaborate.Websites and apps dedicated to social networking, microblogging, forums, social bookmarking, wikis and social curation are examples of some types of social media.The most famous social networking companies are Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and Instagram.Fourth Pillar of Democracy.The four pillars of democracy are Legislature, Executive, Judiciary, and Media. Media ensures the transparency in the working of all the above three systems.This fourth pillar of democracy ensures that all people living in far off areas of country are aware of what’s happening in rest of the country. fact, mass media is the most important vehicle for information, knowledge and communication in a democratic polity.Importance of the MediaMedia is very powerful entity on the earth. It is a mirror which shows various social, political and economic activities around us. People depend on the media for various needs including entertainment and information. Media keeps the people awakened and it has become one of the major instruments of social change. Media not only bring out
the day to day happenings in the world, but also exposes the strength and weakness of the government. It also advertises the various products produced by the private companies. It creates the awareness. All the TV channels broadcasts national and international news. Social problems are portrayed in many cinemas. Media provide a balanced report on any matters. It fights against the socio-political evils and injustice in our society while bringing empowerment to the masses and facilitating development.Media and public opinionThe media plays a prominent role in the formation of public opinion (general opinion of the public on particular issue). It is the powerful tool in contemporary times. It has
become a part of the everyday life of the people.They play a significant role in shaping a person’s understanding and perception about the events occurred in our daily lives. The mass media play a significant role in
providing honest, intelligent and usually unbiased accounts of events.
The newspaper reflects the response of the people to the government policies. Thus, print media and electronic media helps the people to express their opinion on important social issues.Ethic and ResponsibilityEthics is a code of values which govern our lives. So, they are very essential for moral and healthy life. In the context of media ethics may be described as a set of moral
principles. The media is expected to follow a code of conduct which should be reflected in their reporting and writing. Sensational and distorted news should be avoided.he fundamental objectives of media are to serve the people with news, views,
comments and information on matters of public interest in a fair, accurate, unbiased and decent manner and language.
An awakened and free media is very much essential for the function of the government.It has right to collect information from any primary authentic sources which are
important to the society and then report the same with the aim to inform not to create sensation. The media has a massive responsibility in providing factual coverage.Role of Media in DemocracyMedia is the back bone of democracy. In our democratic society mass media is the driving force of public opinion. Media strengthens the democratic value. It enlightens and empowers the people. It can educate the voters and ensures that government is transparent and accountable.Media carry every report of action of administration of the government. Based on the information, the citizen can learn about the functioning of the government and day to day happenings taking place around them.It arranges the debate on current affairs so that we can get the different views for the same issue. Media reminds the government of its unfulfilled promises to the public. It
educates masses in rural areas. Parliamentary democracy can flourish only under the watchful eyes of media.Media not only reports but acts as a bridge between the state and public. Thus, the media acts as a watch day of the democratic government. A democracy without media is like vehicle without wheel.

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