What is Races- what is Negroid- what is Caucasoid- what is Mongoloid -what is Australoid- what is Human races

The race is a group of people with more or less permanent distinguishing characteristics. T here are skin colour and hair colour to which persons concerned attach certain interpretations. Objectives and s cientific classification are the division of mankind in to racial groups should be done on the basis of measurable physical features and qualities inherited from a common ancestor. The important features on the basis of which the races are identified and classified include skin colour, stature, shape of head, face, nose, eye, type of hair, and blood group.

Human races are classified in to four broad groups:

1. Negroid,

2. Caucasoid,

3. Mongoloid and

4. Australoid.

1. The Negroid

T hey are usually called as “black race”. They have the darkest skin tone than other races, and other common characteristics are the slopped forehead, thick lips, wide nose, and dark hairs. T hey are living in Sub-Sahara Africa.

2. The Mongoloid

They have the folding eye lids, almond shaped eyes, yellowish skin tone, and V shaped cheeks. Native Americans and Eskimo are also classified as Mongoloid. Compared to the other races, they have the least body hair, least body odour, and smallest limb ratio. Their facial structure is likely to adapt cold mild wind. They are living in East Asia.

3. The Caucasoid

Th e Caucasoid is known as “white people” characterised by the pointy nose, vertical forehead, pinkish/orange skin tone, visible brow ridge, and colourful eyes/hair. Some believe that their light skin tone is meant to receive more sunlight due to Europe’s climate. Some believe that their nose structure is meant to keep the nose moisture from getting dried by the wind. Th ey are living in Europe and Middle East.

4. Australoid Race

They have visible eye ridge, wide nose, curly hair, dark skin tone, and short in height. Some believe that their visible thick lips helps them to eat stiff foods. Th ey are living in Australia and Papua New Guinea.

Characteristic of Major Races

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