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What is The Eatwell Plate- what is the 5 categories Eatwell Plate- what are the point of the Eatwell Plate what is the Eatwell guide Plate

The Eatwell Plate

The Eatwell plate is a pictorial food guide showing the proportion and types of foods that are needed to make up a healthy, varied and balanced diet. e plate has been produced by the Food Standards Agency as a guide that aims to help people to understand and enjoy healthy eating. The Eatwell plate – Eight Tips for Eating Well. Food from the largest group should be eaten most often and food from the smallest group should be eaten occasionally. The guide is shaped like a dinner plate which has been designed to make healthy eating simpler to understand and interpret.People should be encouraged to choose a variety of foods from the four largest groups every day to ensure that they obtain the wide range of nutrients their bodies need to grow, develop and/or function properly and stay healthy.

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