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A blanket cover like part which is used for storing the air inside the tyre is called as the tube. It is made up of natural or synthetic rubbers. For injecting and releasing air in the tube, tube valve is used. It is a one way valve which helps to send air to the tube but not allows the air to release or return from the tube.

Uses of tubes

1. They store the required amount of air.
2. They provide smooth travel for the
3. They withstand the weight of vehicle.
4. They withstand the vibrations
occurred in between the road and


If any sharp objects or things like nails stab the tyre and make the air to leak, then we call it as tyre puncture.

puncture recovering

The method of repairing or rectifying the effects caused by the holes in the tube or any cut injury in the tube is called as puncture repair. The tube puncture is repaired by three different ways. They are

1. Hot patch method
2. Cold patch method
3. Vulcanizing

Hot patch method

For this method a vulcanizing machine is required. This type of method is often used for repairing large size punctures, tube bursts, and in replacing the mouth in the tube. To repair the puncture, the punctured area on the tube is first noted. The punctured area was rubbed with the help of an emery / file sheet for some and a rubber solution is pasted on it. Based on the size of the puncture hole a small piece of rubber tube was cut and pasted on the punctured area. The pasted area is then placed on
the vulcanizing machine and clamped. By supplying the power to the vulcanizing machine by switching on the machine the heating element in the vulcanizing machine heats the punctured area under pressure and makes the hole closed.

Cold patch method

Using an emery sheet or file the punctured area is rubbed on the tube.
The rubber paste is applied on the rubbed area and dried for some time. Based on the size of the punctured hole a small piece of rubber tube is binding sticker is pasted on the hole. Nowadays the binding stickers are available for specified sizes also. Mostly small sizes of punctures are
repaired by this method.


If there is a small hole in tube, it can be repaired by using any one method
as discussed above. However, if the hole is very large, or more air is leaked from tube valve, we have to go for vulcanizing method for repairing the puncture. To perform this, initially the both damaged area on the tube and rubber to be pasted are rubbed well. Then the vulcanizing paste is applied on both the rough areas of the tube and the sticker and left for some time
to dry. The dried rubber sticker is now pasted on the rubbed area of the tube and pressed well. The pasted tube is now kept on the vulcanizing machine and tightened. Now the vulcanizing machine is switched on and left it for heating the tube area until the indicator light starts to lighten. Then
the machine is switched off and the tube is removed from vulcanizing machine.

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