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Political Empowerment

Political Empowerment Participation of women in the political field and in various decision-making bodies is an important tool for empowerment. The participation of women at all levels of governance structures is the highest need of this hour for women’s actual empowerment. Alida Brill (2000) holds that, “Without our own voices being heard inside the government […]

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Economic Empowerment- what is meaning by economic Empowerment- why is economic Empowerment important- what is social and economic Empowerment

Economic empowerment is the crying need of this hour. “Wage employment means economic power” (Elliott, 2008, p. 86). Through employment women earn money and it enables women and girls to become ‘bread earners’, contributing members of households with a strong sense of their own economic independence. “Economic empowerment is a powerful tool against poverty” (Biswas, […]

BBA management topics MBA Management Topics UG degree women's empowerment

Educational Empowerment- why is Empowerment important in education- How does education empower individuals and society- what does it mean to empower students in learning- How do you teach empowerment

“Traditional concepts recognize higher education as an instrument of personal development. It helps in growing an individual’s intellectual horizons, wellbeing and potential for empowerment” (The Kurukshetra, September 2012, p. 25). It is considered as the single most important instrument of sociopolitical and economic transformation. But the picture of women’s educational empowerment is not rosy in […]

BBA management topics MBA Management Topics UG degree women's empowerment

Social Empowerment- what are indicators of social empowerment- what is women’s social empowerment- what are the type of empowerment- what is social empowerment- what is social Empowerment UPSC

Social Empowerment Social Empowerment refers to the enabling force that strengthens women’s social relations and their position in social structures. Social empowerment addresses the social discriminations existing in the society based on disability, race, ethnicity, religion, or gender. Empowerment as a methodology is often associated with feminism. Broadly put, the term empowerment is defined as […]

BBA management topics MBA Management Topics UG degree women's empowerment

Origin of the Term Empowerment- where did the word empowerment come from- who coined they empowerment- what does the term empowerment means- what does the empower means in the Bible- introduction of Origin of the Term Empowerment

Origin of the Term Empowerment It is interesting to note that most of the dictionaries only shows a pre-twentieth century definition of the verb empower meaning ‘to empower’, and ‘to give power to’. The word was first used in the 17th century and has meanings like ‘authorize’, ‘delegate’, or ‘enable’. The term empowerment, as a […]