Yoga – What are all the types of Yoga,Benefits of yogasanam

Yoga or Yogasanam

The literal meaning of the Sanskrit word Yoga is ’Yoke’. According to Maharishi Patanjali (The Father of Yoga), Yoga is the suppression of five modifications of the mind.

Types of Yoga

Japa Yoga-

To concentrate one’s mind on divine name or holy syllable, mantra etc.

Karma Yoga-

Teaches us to perform all actions without having any desire for their fruit.

Gyana Yoga-

Teaches to discriminate between self and non- self and to acquire the knowledge of one’s spiritual entity.

Bhakti Yoga-

A system of intense devotion with emphasis on complete surrender to divine will.

Raja Yoga-

Raja Yoga is popularly known as Ashtanga Yoga .

Swara Yoga-

It involves the systematic study of the breath flowing through the nostril.

Kundalini Yoga-

It is a part of Tantric Tradition and it involves awakening of potential force residing in Muladhara chakra.

Nadi yoga –

Nadi is flow of energy which we can visualize at the psychic level as high voltage channels conducting the energy to the chakras of yoga.

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